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Chairman:Cady Yu

Cady Yu is the Chairman of ACG. She is also the founding partner of Acadya Management, a FOF Hedge Fund.

Started as an Angel investor, Ms. Yu has built a very solid portfolio covering the semiconductor, new materials, cybersecurity (both in the government and enterprise sectors), environmental protection, social media, and financial software industries. With her keen business sense and the passion to solve severe environment pollution issues in China, Ms. Yu and her team introduced Starlight Technology Inc., an air pollution reduction company that she invested to China in 2005. Upon launching in China, Starlight obtained reached its annual sales of $50 million and was acquired by Capital Group in year 2014. At the same year, Ms. Yu also contributed the joint-venture formation between Transfilm Inc., an original U.S. startup company specializing in Reverse Osmosis membrane technology and China Electronic Environmental Group. The new company has already passed the mass production stage and is in the process of filing its initial public offering on the Chinese stock exchange market.

With nearly two decades of extensive fund management experiences, including capital raising, due diligence conducting, investment, and post-investment management for Silicon Valley innovative technology startups, Ms. Yu has accumulated in-depth knowledge of the Silicon Valley startup needs. Ms. Yu's passion of utilizing technology innovation to change people’s everyday lives and her deep understanding of the diverse Chinese cultures and Market needs make Cady Yu and her team the best candidates to bring cutting edge technologies and localize them in China. Meanwhile, Ms. Yu is also committed to promoting the equal rights and improving the political status of Asian Americans by serving as a board member for APAPA (the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association) and AAGG (Asian Americans for Good Government). Ms. Yu was also elected as Executive Vice President to both the Northern California Association of Shandong Province and Northern California Shandong Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Yu was also appointed as the  Advisor for the United States and Northern California Hunan Association respectively.

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