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Marketing Director:Douglas Frisbie

Douglas Frisbie is the Marketing Director of ACG. He is responsible for the initial contact and screening of potential companies, communication and management of post-investment companies, and the preparation and organization of ACG's public events.

For nearly 25 years, Mr. Frisbie has built a strong reputation among the business circle, Silicon Valley community, and local government. Drawing on his extensive connection and vast networks, Mr. Frisbie is adept at using multiple channels to gain access to a wide range of high-tech projects that are not always available in the market. As a local Silicon Valley resident, Mr. Frisbie has experienced the transformation of Silicon Valley from an agricultural economy of the 1950's to the center of the global innovation it is today, encompassing tens of thousands of high-tech, financial, and venture capital companies. Among them, the world famous giants Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Oracle, etc were all originated here in Silicon Valley. Attributed to geographical advantages as well as the positive impact from his family, Mr. Frisbie has developed keen intuition and accurate judgment. It enables him to make quick decisions in the potential deals screening process. Mr. Frisbie has also accumulated a wealth of events planning experience, including thematic seminars, lectures, road shows, and other activities planning and preparation, and organize media interviews both prior to and upon conclusion of events.

Mr. Frisbie is also a sports enthusiast, holding a USATF officiating and coaching certificate for Track and Field. 

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