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Tianjin Binhai - Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Settled Enterprises Signing Ceremony Was Held During The Science and Technology Expo


The 20th Beijing Science Fair, "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Synergy Innovation Development Summit", was held on June 10, 2017 at the Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park International Convention Center. As an important part of the summit, the summit held a grand Tianjin Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park settled enterprises signing ceremony. Under the communication bridge set up by Zhongguancun Information Valley Company, 12 enterprises signed a contract with Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park to enter the Science Park.

The following people attended the signing ceremony:

Key large state-owned enterprises SASAC chairman Zhao Hualin

  • Member of Development and Reform Commission in Beijing, Deputy Director to Promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Synergy Innovation Development Liu Bozheng

  • Zhongguancun Administrative Committee member Chen Wenqi

  • Zhongguancun Development Group, Deputy Party Secretary, General Manager Xuan Hung 

  • Deputy General Manager of the Zhongguancun Development Group Yao Shengli

  • General Manager of Beijing Zhongguancun software Park development Co., Ltd. Nan Yang 

  • Tianjin Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee Executive Director Jin Dong Hu

  • Tianjin Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park management Committee Zhang Yue

The 12 enterprises included:

  • Window of Silicon Valley (an international cooperation platform formed by ACG & ZGC Info Valley) 

  • Ethernet Capital, Beijing

  • Beijing Kang Huayuan Technology Development Co., Ltd., 

  • Beijing Aikang Weijian Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., 

  • Beijing Golden Age Software Co., Ltd., 

  • Beijing Xinwei Technology Group Co., Ltd.,

  • Beijing Bioon Technology Co., Ltd., 

  • Cube (Beijing) Co., Ltd., 

  • Zhi Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., 

  • Kai-shek and (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd., 

  • Beijing CoChuang Technology Co., Ltd.,

  • Meter Stone Technology Co., Ltd.,

All the companies formally signed agreement to settle in the Park. Nearly two hundred guests attending at the summit offered warm applauses to celebrate the success of the signing of this historic agreement.

Tianjin Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park was officially opened on November 22, 2016. The establishment of the Science Park is an important step towards implementing the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei and to promote the coordinated development of Beijing  and Tianjin. To build comprehensive reform pilot area for the two municipalities has an important historical significance.

In accordance with the requirements of Zhongguancun Management Committee and Zhongguancun Development Group, the Zhongguancun Information Valley Company dispatched its operation team to Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park on March 13, 2017 to carry out preliminary preparatory work. Currently, we have examined 140 new-generation information technology and biomedical projects, followed up with more than 40 key projects and signed occupancy contracts totally an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. The proposed plan for the park's planning, innovative development policies and plans, etc. have been approved by Beijing and Tianjin government leaders. The establishment of the "Tianjin Binhai Innovation Institute", " Window of the Silicon Valley”, "Sino-German smart manufacturing center" and other international cooperation platforms, investment exhibition platforms and residing enterprises exchange platform.

Zhongguancun Information Valley Company will continue to implement the protocol and guidelines set forth by leaders at all levels in Beijing and Tianjin and follow the principles of "Innovation-led, Market-driven, Government-promoted, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win" to transform the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park into a high-end innovative, industrial distinctive, sustainable development with world-class scientific and technological R&D, and scientific achievements transformation park.

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