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Silicon Valley Enterprise Delegation (ACG) was Invited to Visit Baoding Zhongguancun Innovation Center


On May 25, 2017, under the coordination and cooperation of the platform of international innovation and Cooperation  "Window of Silicon Valley”, the delegation from Silicon Valley toured the Baoding and Zhongguancun Joint Innovation Center.  The delegation included:

  • Cady Yu,  Chairman of ACG

  • Stella Lu, VP of Operations at ACG

  • Sean Wang, Senior Business Manager of ACG

  • Zhang Qinghong, Deputy Director of the Baoding National High Tech Zone Investment Service Bureau

  • Zhang Shuguang, Deputy General Manager of Baoding Information Valley Company

Managers from Baoding Huan Asia, Hebei Guangda Network, Hebei Xi Valley,  Hebei Si Rui En, one of the top company from Hebei, China Lucky, Baoding Rui Electrical and other business leaders participated in the seminar as well.

The delegation from Silcon Valley toured several areas of the innovation center and the Baoding Zhongguancun Smart Manufacturing Exhibition and Exchange Center of the Innovation Center to better understand the development of the Innovation Center.  During the discussion, Cady Yu, Chairman of ACG introduced VTRY, MyFamli, Quantea, ZLD, Pixel Display and other projects. She further explained the development and industry prospect of each program.

Deputy Director Zhang Qinghong paid very close attention to the introduction of the project from the Silicon Valley Delegation and offered a comprehensive explanation of the current industrial development and relevant policies and project requirements at the Baoding National High-Tech Zone and project requirements. Participants of the Innovation Center and the Star Enterprise Representatives of Baoding City spoke to introduce the main products and business models of the businesses and conduct in-depth discussions on the joint projects and industrialization of the projects with the delegation from Silicon Valley.

Zhang Shuguang, Deputy General Manager of Baoding Information Valley Company, stated at the forum that the Baoding Zhongguancun Innovation Center, as a service platform for science and technology enterprises, will continue to strengthen international cooperation in 2017, positively connect with international resources, promote the establishment of high-end industries, and promote innovation to build a strong economy. 

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