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The innovation workshop operation management team is composed of graduates from universities at home and abroad and innovative and hard-working cultural ideas. Combining deep industry knowledge, solid industry contacts, senior industry due diligence, and perfect advanced management concepts, condensing into an international Professional, mature, and mature teams; the technical team is composed of international experts from the United States and Japan with rich experience in research and development, production and application. In-depth contact and long-term cooperation with the top US R & D institutions and international universities, the Innovation Workshop has cultivated a forward-looking view of investment trends and industrial investment layout and an accurate judgment of the industry development trend. Many years of venture capital, scientific research results transformation, introduction, implementation, and corporate management experience, and has participated in large-scale domestic and foreign large-scale mergers and acquisitions projects and post-project integration management operations. , Vertical integration "operation platform and complete and smooth operation system. The two sides jointly established a leading group for the development of the Silicon Valley high-tech industry to provide complete industrial support policies for project introduction; provide complete basic supporting facilities for the project's implementation and a mutually satisfactory cooperation plan; provide full-service agency services for project development and create a world-class business Atmosphere; escorting the project in all directions, providing “one-stop” and “nanny” services for project construction, financial services, legal affairs, external publicity, collaboration between industry, university and research, and special affairs coordination, etc. The China-US high-tech industry through train platform has laid a solid foundation.
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